College of Architecture and Planning won first position in Architectural Design Competition in Riyadh

The Architecture Innovation Team of the College of Architecture & Planning of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) has achieved the first position in the Jabal Abu Marrouq Developing competition in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which is organized by the city secretary.

Dr. Tariq Alraouf, Dean of the College of Architecture & Planning mentioned that the team were composed of Dr. Wadee Aljahlani, Engineer Yazid Al-Marie, Engineer Abdulrahman Alwatban and Engineer Hasan Almusa.

Dr. Wadee Aljahlani the team leader narrated, that the idea of the design was a creative artistic image embodied in the glow of rays that comes from the top of the mountain to trace a dialogue in harmony with Najd’s (Najd consists of the modern administrative regions of Riyadh, SudairAl-Qassim, and Ha’il) unique heritage.  The award-winning designs linked to the components of the project to reflect contemporary life in line with modernity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Moreover, the design contributed to achieve the quality of life through pedestrian and cycle paths.  The design also been embedded with botanical gardens, which are in cohesion with the environment, in addition to the theater, cinema, open museum, restaurants cafes, and water games for children and an entertainment area with various traditional and kinetic games, which make the design eligible to achieve the first position in the Jabal Abu Marrouq Developing competition in Riyadh.

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