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Thammasat University Hospital Assigned as 1 of 6 distribution centers for the new antiviral drug ‘Remdesivir’.

From August 9, Thammasat University Hospital will be 1 of 6 medical school hospitals assigned as a distribution center for Remdesivir which is an antiviral drug for yellow or orange cases which are symptomatic patients. It is more efficient than the existing medication, Favipiravir, and can be used to stop the virus.

Remdesivir may cause unwanted side effects which must be exclusively used under close supervision of medical professionals from the medical school hospital. Thammasat University Hospital should be more assured and hopeful for this solution because they have been provided more effective equipment from the Ministry of Health.

Thammasat University Hospital has been managing the COVID-19 situation continuously since the third and fourth wave. They have used workforce and supplied customized equipment and have been receiving the support for more equipment. Although the equipment is not quite sufficient and has been received in a timely manner, the hospital has been supported increasingly. This encouraged Thammasat University Hospital and made them realize that the situation they have encountered and how they have handled it continuously and for so long is not a waste of time because they are able to hold back and receive more support in many aspects for now.

Hopefully we will receive more support until we are able to respond and cease the attack of the COVID- 19 in the near future despite the great losses of many lives already.

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