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How apprenticeships align training with job opportunities

Apprenticeships go beyond traditional education models by emphasising learning by doing, earning while learning and flexibility

In the vast ocean of opportunities that is the job market, it’s as if a myriad of ships set sail. However, not all of them are truly prepared to navigate the waves and embrace the full potential of this expansive ocean. Some ships remain anchored, unable to harness the opportunities that lie beyond the horizon, while others find themselves adrift without the skills to steer their course confidently.

Amidst this maritime analogy, Degree Apprenticeships emerge as the guiding beacons that help transform individuals into seaworthy vessels, well-prepared to sail with skills and majestic confidence in the ever-changing job world. These apprenticeships provide the training and expertise needed to equip aspiring professionals with the tools to navigate the complexities of the job market. Through this transformation, individuals become like ships, now ready to set sail, harness the winds of opportunity, and chart their course with competence and assurance.

In India, where the labour market ranks second in size only to China, a sweeping transformation is in progress, yet it brings to the forefront a formidable challenge—the widening skills gap. This challenge is underscored by a stark statistic: a remarkable 69% of jobs in India are under the imminent threat of automation. Nearly seven out of every ten jobs now cast a wary eye on the looming shadow of technology-driven disruption. The urgency to address this issue is unmistakable as businesses scramble to adapt to this evolving landscape, unveiling a glaring skills deficit that demands immediate attention.

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