NAGA MIRACLE LANDSCAPE, the work of a professor from Thammasat, won international invention awards

Buildings related to Buddhism also known as ‘Buddhism Architecture’ are linked to the ideas, beliefs and culture of Thai society by expressing through the architecture, both in the form of objects in which we can see and touch, and the abstract that we perceive it unconsciously. The NAGA MIRACLE LANDSCAPE or called by the name of the place that is designed under the realm of Buddhism Art as “Bhuddhasatharn Traiphum Devathibodi Srikunaram” at Wat Pa Srikunaram, Udon Thani Province a design work by Asst. Prof. Dr. Khiansak Sangkliang, Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University which has tried to convey the story of Naga in Buddhism through innovation and from the design, using many disciplines together, focus on utilization and valuing creation on sustainability.

NAGA MIRACLE LANDSCAPE is an outdoor museum designed with the concept of ‘Low Cost, High Benefit Architecture’, a design concept that Prof. Dr. Khiansak invest time and effort to innovate. It is as well distilled from experience throughout his career as a lecturer, researcher and architect.

       Asst. Prof. Dr. Khiansak said that NAGA MIRACLE LANDSCAPE was designed to have physical characteristics in the layout along the original axis of the temple according to the motto and concept of the universe and the concept of the sacred district (Mandala) using architectural innovations and designs to be part of the building to convey the story of the Naga. The story is told through an area that is divided into the underworld, the human world, and the heavenly world in an innovative interactive environment for visitors to interact with the museum as if the museum were alive, for example: not using drawings on the wall, but rather an innovation allows the viewers to use cameras in seeing the information where they can search for information interactively or putting innovations on the walls of elevators to educate people about Buddhism whereby the height of the walls change, the information will change accordingly, and the use of new materials on Buddha statues that make them lighter in appearance and can reflect the sky or other images, etc.

In addition, the NAGA MIRACLE LANDSCAPE is designed for everyone to be able to access and experience the museum under the concept of universal design, which is designed to maximize the benefit towards all groups of people including traffic. There is a design for the corridor inside the building to support walking without colliding with each other or walking in the opposite direction when there are many people visiting so that the atmosphere in the area remains calm, humble, and retains the Buddhist architecture. This work can therefore be called ‘Buddha Arts’, which is designed to promote and disseminate Buddhism to the next generation.

The NAGA MIRACLE LANDSCAPE @ WAT SI KUNARAM of Asst. Prof. Dr. Khiansak recently received an award from the international invention competition, INVENTCOR 2022 at DEVA-ROMANIA with a total of 5 awards, consisting of

1.) INVENTCOR 2022 Gold Medal Award

2.) INVENTCOR 2022 Special Award

3.) Special Award from Politehnica University of Timisoara – Romania

4.) Certificate of Excellence by Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Politehnica (CITT) – Romania, and

5)  Special Award from the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA).

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