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How Covid-19 Has Changed the Way We Work

That we live in a changed world is certain. How permanently altered we will be in our societal and work habits remains to be seen, but as past Chair of the Law Council’s Future of the Law Committee what could only be imagined in yesterday’s world, happened in law firms in a matter of days.

The law has been slow to evolve. We had prepared the pathway, but we had unwilling followers. In an instant there is now, thronging these streets of change, a surge of legal professionals driven by an instinct for survival and by client obligation.

Now that the gates are opened I do not see us turning back entirely to what was.

Here are some of the differences that may be here to stay. 

Firstly, if you had asked me at the start of this year if a law firm could be run from a series of home offices, I would have laughed.

Technically it was all possible, but how to shift a culture? As we have all discovered, a pandemic will do that, and so here we are practising law remotely. As our clients are in the same boat, it has to be made to work. 

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