Thammasat University signed an MOU with a Swedish university, aiming to build international cooperation

Asst. Prof. Dr. Chayakrit Asavathitanon, Dean of the College of Innovation, Thammasat University and the Dean of the School of Business & Economics at Linnaeus University, Sweden signed an MOU to enhance academic cooperation, research and recently, the student exchange in Sweden where students of the College of Innovation of all programs can study at Linnaeus.

The Dean of the College of Innovation said that such cooperation will allow students from the College of Innovation to have their exchange year to study in Sweden by paying credit fees that are equivalent to studying at Thammasat University (Not including personal expenses in Sweden). In addition, such cooperation will be extended to the exchange of faculty members and future international research cooperation.

The representatives from Thammasat University participated in discussing possible cooperation at the university level, namely Prof. Dr. Supasawat Chatchawan, Vice Rector for Human Resource Management; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jirapol Sangbodhi, Vice Rector for Information Technology; Prof. Dr. Atthasit Pankaew, Assistant to the Rector for Corporate Communications and Special Affairs; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Jiasiripongkul, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kom Kampiranon, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research, College of Innovation.

Linnaeus University, a public university, has two campuses in Vaxjo and Kalmar with about 40,000 students. Most of the subjects are taught in English. The location and facilities are modern. It is designed as a smart building with access control devices and a lighting and temperature management system in the room that automatically adjusts according to the environment.

In addition, the representatives from Thammasat University also attend a meeting with the President and the Director of International Office of Hochschule Darmstadt of Applied Science (h_da), a technology university that focuses on practicality along with a visit to the modern Smart Factory, Smart Building and Mobility Lab. On this occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and h_da had an idea to start an integrated bachelors and master degree program for students to study at Thammasat for 3.5 years and at h_da for 1.5 years by paying tuition fees at Thammasat only.

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