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Korean universities request 3,401 additional med school slots, overshooting gov’t plans

All 40 universities in Korea that operate medical colleges requested an increase in placements for the 2025 academic year

South Korea’s 40 universities with medical schools have requested the Ministry of Education to allow them to admit 3,401 more medical students altogether. Since that’s considerably higher than the amount indicated in a survey in November 2023 (up to 2,847 new placements), the government responded that this “reconfirmed that the immediate capacity for increasing admissions is above 2,000.”

However, the leaders of the Medical Professors Association of Korea (MPAK), representing professors at medical schools around the country, have filed a lawsuit asking the government to cancel the 2,000 new placements at medical schools and other related measures.

“After reviewing applications for expanded admissions at medical schools for the 2025 academic school year, we found that 40 universities want to admit 3,401 new medical students,” said Park Min-soo, the second vice minister of health and welfare.

The eight schools located in Seoul proper applied for 365 more slots, while the five schools in the Gyeonggi/Incheon area applied for 565, bringing the total for the greater Seoul area to 930.

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