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Industry ties will ensure more graduates earn premium salary, says Khaled

Higher education minister Khaled Nordin says the move can help ensure graduates have the necessary skills and are industry-oriented

KUALA LUMPUR: The higher education ministry is confident that it is on the right track to increase the percentage of graduates earning a premium salary of RM4,000 per month, by strengthening ties with industries and implementing specific and strategic measures.

Its minister Khaled Nordin said this was to ensure that upcoming graduates possess the necessary skills and are industry-oriented, through more focused and targeted approaches, and directly addressing the industry’s needs.

For example, he said Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has started a pilot project with the establishment of a Research and Industry-Infused Incubator under his ministry in order to develop “industry-ready talent” for the electric and electronics sector.

“Approximately 40 graduates have been produced through this project and are earning around RM4,000. Currently, there are about 70 to 80 individuals undergoing training but the industry’s demand exceeds 200 people and can reach up to 900 individuals.

“USM certainly cannot meet this supply alone,” he told a press conference.

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