Thammasat Researchers University initiate “Mali-Sorn”, a Thai application for sustainable agriculture

The “Mali-Sorn” application ( focuses on building a cloud-based service software platform with an open interface for farmers as well as being an application service provider with special objectives in agricultural crop insurance with the inclusion of plot position information satellite image monitoring and photos from mobile phones, and also the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology to assist in image processing to specify the type and amount of damage of each agricultural plot.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teerayuth Horanon, Head of the “Mali-Sorn” project, said that in order to solve this problem, we plan to implement the use of AI and IoT technology in the form of sensors together with the analysis of remote sensing data in the modeling of agricultural processes on 5G networks in agricultural areas that were developed as part of the project. Primarily, we are considering image analysis from drone data and robot cameras to make the results meaningful and readable to farmers. When all the information is put together, we will gain insights into the characteristics of farmland as never before.

Farmers will be able to interact with the AI and ask questions. For example, track soil moisture readings and current weather conditions with correlation to crop diseases, the AI will be able to provide recommendations for action and display the results of different scenarios. A dashboard showing the current farmland and soil conditions will be displayed on your mobile or tablet. When clicking on a specific area, farmers will be provided with information on issues such as water shortages as well as advice on the best solution to deal with such issues.

Currently, “Mali-Sorn” has been in use for three years, and is able to help thousands of farmers who have been facing disaster but are not in disaster-declared areas. This reduces the process and shortens the time for reporting damage in which the application will be used to collect farmers’ data, pictures of damage from disasters, and the location of disaster sites. It also helps the relevant agencies to be able to review the information and perform comprehensive assistance to disaster-stricken farmers, the application “Mali-Sorn” is available for download both on Android and IOS systems at

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