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Thammasat EGAT Energy

Thammasat University joins hands with EGAT in bringing energy management innovations to test out and use in practice within the area of Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus for cost reduction purpose including the energy production and usage monitoring in such area. The ERC Sandbox: TU EGAT ENERGY is a collaborative project between Thammasat University and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand or EGAT that adopts innovation to help with energy usage, energy storage system, energy management system and the energy trading system monitoring in each building within the university area, and as well run the test and use in practice. It allows viewing of energy usage, power generation and forecasting of electricity generation from solar rooftop for energy management. The energy during the night is stored when electricity costs are low, it is then used in the evening when electricity costs are high. This includes increasing production capacity when the source of production from the solar rooftop disappears using energy storage systems or batteries. This will help reduce the cost of electricity usage as well.

‘TU EGAT Energy’ positively affects the energy management of Thammasat University. EGAT’s energy storage system can reduce costs by 400,000 Thai baht per year and reduce CO2 emissions, meeting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) projection. Thammasat University and EGAT also have plans to expand the project further by establishing an energy learning and innovation center under the rector’s building, extending the normal electrical system to the digital electrical system, ready to connect to the new power system that EGAT will be able to command from the National Control Center in the future.

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