How universities can increase student employability

Employability has never been more important in the eyes of prospective students. Universities today are facing increasing expectations when it comes to giving students a tangible return, which for many, means the ability to secure employment after graduation. Concerns surrounding post-graduate career prospects are not surprising, given the recent disruptions in the job market and the global economic impact of the pandemic. Compared to a few years ago, the questions that prospective students ask are increasingly lean towards practical matters. 

For many students factors such as the cost of education and employment outcomes will be the main determinants of enrolment. As the sector continues its recovery, the ability to bring value by bridging the gap between education and career is poised to become a core institutional strength that will set a university apart from its competitors. 

Panagiota Marselou, Human Resources Manager at Studyportals says that a lot of what’s missing from university programmes is practical information about the job search process: Many universities do not offer courses that prepare students for the job market and teach, for example, how to create their CV or how to get ready for a job interview. There are a lot of students who graduate without having any idea where to even look for a job and what the application process looks like.” 

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