National Outstanding Researcher Award in the field of Law, Prof. Narong Jaiharn: When time is infinite, the law shall be adjustable

Law is an important mechanism for organizing interpersonal relationships between individual and state or for facilitating in the administration of the country. When time continues to move forward so people have ideas that grow and change accordingly with the passage of time as well and therefore human-made laws shall be adjustable and that law needs to be modified to cater to the people and eras that turn the wheel with the passage of time. When that is the case, research in the field of jurisprudence is important. The researcher must find conflicts that may arise in all dimensions and relationships, and find a solution to those problems in order to propose laws that are in line with the attitudes and needs of people today. Eventually, with the results of the laws, regardless of how many eras, is that all relationships can coexist peacefully in this world.

Prof. Narong Jaiharn, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University who want to recognize human beings facing with unfairness in their lives and wish to modify the law which is inconsistent with the circumstances, inappropriate and flawed to be in line with today’s society as much as possible. Most importantly is to make Thai laws to keep up with the world stage. He is then considered as one of the few leading researchers in law studies, and therefore has been awarded as the National Outstanding Researcher of the Year 2022 in the field of Law.

“There are a total of three research papers of mine that have been nominated for as a National Outstanding Researcher. The focus is on the criminal justice system. 1. It is a presentation of the form of reconciliation of justice in the Court of Justice. 2. It is about legal assistance to the people of the ASEAN Community and 3. It is the reform of the justice system. As for the matter of helping victims in criminal cases in Thailand and in ASEAN, most of my work will be jurisprudence research with proposals for amendments to the law. The results of the study come out in the form of drafting laws or amending the existing laws in accordance with the social context in which the relevant agencies will present the law to be concrete,” said Prof. Narong.

Prof. Narong further mentioned “I believe that the goal of these three works or other researches is important in meeting the public interest of Thai society. It is a criterion that foster peace in Thai society as well as escalating the level for Thailand to play various roles in the international stages. Therefore, the research that I have been trying to complete all the time for about 30 years. Once I have conducted those researches, they must be able to meet the needs of people in the country and the role of Thailand on a global scale. We are a small country but in terms of mission, matter of human rights and matter of criminal prosecution, Thailand also uses a model that is of an international standard. So as I studied these concepts, I was given the opportunity to propose amendments to the law or to improve these legal systems. It will affect the image of Thailand to be admirable in the eyes of the world community that there is progress in international law.”

“After completing these researches, there are distinctive works to help in other matters, namely the improvement of laws related to society, composing of two matters, one of which has already been completed and is under enforcement are laws relating to the victims protection of domestic violence. The second is the law on the prevention and suppression of prostitution. Another project that is beneficial is about improving the groundwater law. This is a good opportunity to take part in enforcement of laws that can respond to solution finding of the problems within the Thai society today,” concluded Prof. Narong.

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