EECmd, Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus vision, transcending knowledge boundaries into Thailand Medical Valley

Thammasat University is entering a decade of significant change. A new role under the vision “Better Future, Beyond Boundaries” that responds to the future world in the aspects of economic, social, environmental and health systems, going across borders in education, solving the problem of inequality, and leading to a new mission, which is to develop Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus to become the “Eastern Economic Corridor Medical Center (EECmd)”, Thammasat Pattaya.

The year 2022 marks the beginning of the foundation planning of EECmd in all dimensions with the perfect concept of “Thammasat Pattaya: The Health and Wellness Innopolis”, an integration of excellence in both medical engineering, science and technology over the area of ​​584 rai at Pong Sub-district, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province. Currently, the operation has been designed and is divided into 4 main zones, comprising education, economic promotion, services and accommodation.

Assoc. Prof. Gasinee Witoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University revealed that this operation Thammasat University has also cooperated with many alliances, including government, private sector, higher education institutions and business sector, with the same goal of turning Thailand to become a Medical Hub. EECmd’s Health Tech memorandum of understanding signing ceremony with 25 partners to drive the “4F” strategy, namely F1 Future Workforce, empowering the work of the future It consists of educational development and research groups; F2 Future Workplace, Developing the workplace of the future with the Digital Health Collaboration Group; F3 Future Life and Society create quality of life and society of the future through cooperation in the development of digital infrastructure and services; and F4 Future Collaboration, develop a future cooperation model. It consists of a land development cooperation group center of excellence and start up.

Assoc. Prof. Kammal kumar Pawa, M.D., Vice Rector for Administration (Pattaya Campus) said that the operation of EECmd will not take into account the earnings but rather adheres to the philosophy of Thammasat University that focus on social benefits mainly to solve the inequality of the country, focusing on the people within the eastern region to benefit from using the service of Thammasat Hospital, Pattaya Province, which is a Digital Hospital and the future of being a medical center which will consist of 5 areas as follows, 1. Develop a modern hospital to serve the local community; 2. Plan to produce medical personnel, public health, nursing, and care for the elderly; 3. Research and foster medical advancements; 4. Establish a health center to develop and support the growth of caring healthcare for the elderly both in the area and foreigners; and 5. To be a center for cooperation with foreign countries and the private sector to strengthen comprehensive medical services.

Currently, EECmd, Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus has received high interest from both Thai and foreign investors. All parties could see potential, knowledge and new business opportunities that will lead to the goal of becoming a Medical Hub in the region and making Medical Valley a reality in Thailand with the support from the Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO), along with alliance public health organizations to drive the mission, and connecting information systems for the benefit of the country as much as possible.

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