CCU has Mr. Che-Yi Lee to present Taiwanese Music through a Classical Music Lens for Hwa Kang Academy Lecture Series in 2021

Hwa Kang Academy is the highest-ranking speech series at Chinese Culture University (hereinafter referred to as CCU).

Featuring world-renowned experts from academic, governmental, and industrial sectors and attended, share them expertise with ​our audience.

Summary of Hwa Kang Academy on March 16, 2021:

Mr. Che-Yi Lee, Music Director of One Song Orchestra, has composed about 2,000 works and arranged nearly 5,000 works of various types. He has performed in more than 2,000 concerts. He has written songs, arrangements, and soundtracks for hundreds of professional performing groups in Taiwan and abroad, and released approximately 105 albums and music videos. He was nominated for the Golden Melody Awards 33 times, and won the 23rd and 27th awards for the Best Composition and Best Creation.

Initiating the unprecedented revolution for the classic music in Taiwan, Mr. Lee said that “I have been working on one thing only, that is to create music, and I owe my constant inspiration to my commitment to music. In the future, I’d like to let the world listen to the music from Taiwan. Thus, we can make Taiwan visible to the world.”

The aim of One Song Orchestra founded by Mr. Lee is to create a stage for classic musicians in Taiwan. Mr. Lee encourages Taiwanese musicians to bring about a revolution to Taiwan’s classical music while traveling and performing across the island. He believes that “to break through the barriers and reinvent music is to embrace it.” He has traveled all over the world and participated in various music festivals. After returning to Taiwan, he found the most beautiful music here. Therefore, he leads the One Song Orchestra to perform and attempts to show the world the beauty of Taiwan’s music. Taiwan has been proud of his achievements.

Mr. Lee first studied physics and later changed his major to Music at Chinese Culture University. His excellent performance in music has won him the Distinguished Alumni Award. His lecture is titled “Presenting Taiwanese Music through a Classical Music Lens.” He likes to share with the audience his insights into Taiwan’s classic music. He said that music created over the years in Taiwan makes the real Taiwanese music, and music from other countries and areas enriches it and helps it grow. Some people did not think that Taiwan could develop its classic music. Mr. Lee doesn’t agree, and strongly believes that Taiwan has enough professional talents and well-developed social environment to support the music development. In the course of time, young musicians would start to see and seize the opportunity to present their artistry of classical music to showcase the sounds of Taiwan. Presenting Taiwanese music through a classical music lens will become a trend.

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