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Chinese Culture University is devoted to the promotion of digital transformation and industry innovation for Asian enterprises

Digital transformation and internationalization provide a great opportunity for businesses in Taiwan and Asia to grow and sustain global competition. In response to the government’s action plan and policies to improve the performance of domestic, overseas corporations and businesses sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Culture University established the Institute for Innovation Economy with an aim to offer cutting-edge research and business solutions on industry innovation and sustainable system development. Led by Prof. Min-Ren Yan with the forward-looking insights on the global economy from United Nations Development Program and Asian Productivity Organization, MIT’s System Dynamics affiliate, the institute has periodically published research paper series and books on sustainable system development (SSD) and applications of cloud computing supported management science in an attempt to provide suggestions and recommendations for new or innovative business models. The institute has leading expertise in (1) promoting global brands and business innovation (market development), (2) management system for startups and digital transformation (operational excellence), (3) enterprise asset management and human capital development (talent development).

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