Mahidol University Top University in Thailand: AppliedHE Rankometer

Mahidol University is No. 1 in Thailand and the only one in Thailand with a total score in the Top 500 in the world according to The Applied Higher Education Rankometer World University Rankings 2021, Singapore.

The Applied Higher Education Rankometer World University Rankings 2021, Singapore It was announced that Mahidol University was ranked No. 1 in Thailand and was the only Thai university to have a total score in the Top 500 World Universities. It is an official announcement at the online The Applied Higher Education Rankometer World University Rankings Symplified event.

This ranking is based on the past aggregate scores of the World University Rankings in five main boards: QS-WUR (UK), ARWU (People’s Republic of China), THE-WUR (UK), CWTS Leiden. (Netherlands) and Webometrics (Spain) that represent the university’s reputation, potential and excellence as a whole. As a result, Mahidol University is ranked No. 1 in Thailand, No. 90 in Asia and No. 489 in the World.

Getting a ranking based on the sum of the results of the above 5 main boards. This reflects the overall quality of Mahidol University. Due to the sub-indicators in the main forums The quality of teaching, research, innovation and internationalization is measured. Including global image

However, the COVID-19 crisis continues to spread. Until affecting the world Including world university rankings that are important to the development of a world-class university. Professor Banchong Mahisavariya, President of Mahidol University It said that all universities were affected by the COVID-19 crisis because the number of international students fell due to travel restrictions. Which still have to wait and see the situation in the long run This is because most of the world‘s top universities are considered to be scored in the last 5 years.

But the most obvious change is that most universities’ research and innovation trends. Clear goals and traits related to COVID-19 have been highlighted, especially in light of the pressing issues that arise where “great universities are universities that can build upon their knowledge from the laboratory. And it will benefit society and humanity in a wide range, ”said Professor Banjong Mahasavariya.

Original article and Mahidol University press release.

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