LCCM launches full scholarship for Masters degrees

London College of Creative Media (LCCM) has announced the launch of the ‘LCCM 100% Master’s Scholarship’, to enable LCCM graduates enrolling during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown to pursue a master’s degree with the institution.

With this initiative, LCCM aims to support its undergraduates to achieve qualifications and experience that enable them to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and take full advantage of an emergent music and arts industry.

The scholarship will be available to students who enroll on one of LCCM’s undergraduate programmes in 2021, who will then be eligible for a fully discounted scholarship and able to progress to a Masters award of their choice from the college’s portfolio.

The LCCM 100% Master’s Scholarship is available for all students signing up for the February or October intakes for any of the four undergraduate courses at LCCM:

Upon graduating from these programmes with a minimum award of 2.2 (Hons) and meeting all the necessary criteria, LCCM graduates will be able to apply for the scholarship on any of the master’s degrees available at the same institution. The offer will be valid for up to a year after graduation.

LCCM offers a range of programmes for aspiring musicians and creative entrepreneurs. Thanks to small class sizes, excellent facilities and teaching by expert faculty, students leave the college ready to work and primed for some of the top roles in the music industry. Dr Simon Jones, Principal at LCCM, said: “With this scholarship, we want encourage young people to pursue their studies at a higher level and progress even further.

“Over the past year, higher education and its role in supporting students’ professional dreams have been put to the test. Our initiative aims to facilitate access to specialised education for the creative industries despite the adversities, understanding the needs and difficulties of young people who dream of a career in music and entertainment but might struggle to follow their aspirations.”

LCCM is committed to support students profoundly challenged by entering higher education study in the midst of the pandemic, and enable them to reach their full potential in an emergent music and arts economy in the coming years. All courses are currently available through blended learning delivery, allowing learners to study remotely due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

For more information, please visit https://www.lccm.org.uk/terms-and-conditions/

About London College of Creative Media (LCCM)

London College of Creative Media (LCCM) was founded in 2002 as a music college. Its aim is to establish a new approach to teaching music that mixes an art school environment with the best of music conservatoires and universities.

LCCM has pioneered an educational model where music students have to master both performance and production – a combination that remains vital for most professionals today. With its degrees developed and delivered by leading industry professionals, LCCM’s innovative approach to specialist education prepares students for industry and employment from the moment they start at LCCM.

In the National Student Survey 2020, LCCM is ranked highest amongst contemporary music institutions with an overall student satisfaction score of 86.5%.

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