NUS and StarHub partner to build Singapore’s first ‘Borderless University’

NUS and StarHub inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 5 July 2024 to establish Singapore’s pioneering ‘Borderless University’, enhancing network connectivity to elevate the teaching and learning experience and boost the University’s capability for driving innovations in various areas.

The partnership envisions a future where NUS students and staff will enjoy ultra-fast, uninterrupted network connectivity throughout Singapore, facilitated by a dedicated private Enterprise 5G data network. This network, enabled by eSIM technology, promises instant and secure access to NUS’ digital assets and the internet, without the need for repeated logins traditionally required by Wi-Fi networks.

Emphasising the transformative potential of this initiative, Ms Tan Shui-Min, NUS Chief Information Technology Officer, said, “This collaboration with StarHub aligns with our vision for a future-oriented learning environment. Both staff and students will benefit from seamless access to NUS’ resources and the internet, wherever they are in Singapore; and in the future, overseas, without the need for VPN or other remote access technologies.”

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