Thammasat, an idea to reduce car tires waste through a recycling process aiming towards sustainability in the next decade

The Uzusi Consulting team of undergraduate students from the Bachelor of Economics International Program (BE), Thammasat University, including Noppachai Chotpricharat, Naphatrapee Uttamaphokin, Titirat Wiwattanadecha, Narak Sathitchaicharoen, and Parita Bampenpien, has won the championship in the Tri Petch Group Awakens Your Challenge 2023 competition under the theme “Innovation Project towards Sustainability/Carbon Neutrality in the Next Decade.” The competition was organized by the Tri Petch Group, and the team received a cash prize of 70,000 Baht from Tri Petch Isuzu Sales.

Congratulations to the student on the award winning.

A conversation with the Uzusi Consulting team regarding their ideas for sustainable development.

 What is the competition about?

Titirat: Tri Petch Group Awakens Your Challenge 2023 is a competition aimed at generating innovative ideas or creating projects related to sustainable development goals (SDGs) or carbon neutrality. These projects or activities should be feasible and beneficial for both the community and the organization.

Idea on reducing car tires waste

Titirat: Our team has recognized the problem of car tires waste that has been causing issues in our world, as it is non-biodegradable waste. Additionally, there is a significant amount of waste generated from the automotive industry. Therefore, our project has been created to address this issue with the goal of reducing the amount of car tires waste and associated pollution as much as possible.

Noppachai: For our strategy, we start by taking worn-out car tires and processing them into ground rubber, which then can be used to manufacture floor mats and truck bed liners for automobiles. These products will be sold, and the revenue generated will be used to hire skilled craftsmen from the community to transform worn-out car tires into flip-flops. These flip-flops can be distributed to communities or groups in need of footwear. Additionally, the remaining rubber scraps from the flip-flop production are recycled and processed into rubber floor mats for future use.

Moreover, the NOY Ah Consulting team, consisting of students from the Thammasat Business School, also received the 2nd runner-up award and a prize of 30,000 baht. The recipients included Techit Saoban, Marketing Department (MK); Supakin Tisa, Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (IBMP); Chananda Kasiwat, Accounting Department, International BBA Program; and Purinat Marakotamphornkul, Finance Department, International BBA Program.

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