Edible QR Code: Nutrition Scan for Authentic Bird’s Nests

QR code has now been utilized to verify the authenticity of bird’s nests or swallow nests using cloud technology. This award-winning innovation showcases the potential of Thai research to be commercially developed in order to meet the needs of consumers in the digital age. It will be exhibited at the Future Thailand event organized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESI).

Mr. Jakkrit Thavorn, a professor in the Department of Organization, entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management, Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University, and a researcher and developer of “EBN-QR: Edible QR Code for Authenticity Verification of Bird’s Nests using Cloud Technology,” states that EBN-QR is a biodegradable QR code that its paper, glue, and ink can be consumed without altering the taste of the nest.

The QR code label is an innovation designed to support the verification of production for consumers who purchase and consume or process health-promoting food. It will be attached to each bird’s nest, allowing consumers to scan it using their smartphones to access relevant important information. This information will be connected to cloud technology, including farm location data, production standards, production processes, farm care, and nest cleanliness and safety. This verification system helps promote sustainable commercial bird farming, creating a balance between industrial growth and environmental conservation.

In the United States, there are also edible labels, which are used to check if the medication is suitable for the patient and to verify if it is genuine or counterfeit. Similarly, EBN-QR is used to check the items that need to be consumed. Thai bird’s nest is also a high-value export product of the country. If counterfeit goods are received, their nutritional value will likely be compromised.

In addition to ensuring customer safety and highlighting the qualities of the bird’s nests, the QR codes will eliminate the need for plastic labels, which take a long time to decompose. Moreover, everyone needs to consider climate change and try to cut back on plastic waste.

EBN-QR has received an award from “The 17th International Warsaw Invention Show” (IWIS 2023), an international exhibition of inventions held in Warsaw, Poland.

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