Hong Kong Number of students quitting unis decline

More than 2,330 students dropped out of the eight universities in Hong Kong last year, a reduction of 15 percent compared to 2022 dropouts, leading experts to believe that the emigration wave had eased.

But the number of academic staff members quitting universities has increased by about 5 percent to 379.

According to the latest statistics released by the University Grants Committee, the eight institutions had a total of 88,599 undergraduate students in the 2022/23 year that ended in June – 1,328 students more than in 2021/22 .

Lingnan University in Tuen Mun saw the highest, 4.9 percent, increase, while City University in Kowloon Tong was the only one to see a drop in its student population. It saw a 2.1 percent decline in numbers

Ninety percent, or 2,115, of the 2,336 dropouts were undergraduates.

But the number of total students who dropped out had decreased by 15 percent from over 2,700 in 2021/22.

Polytechnic University in Hung Hom saw the most students drop out, 534.

In response to inquiries, it said the number of dropouts only accounted for 2.8 percent of its student population, with students citing as reasons for quitting health and family issues and other arrangements for further studies.

With the lifting of Covid curbs early last year, the eight universities saw a significant increase in overseas exchange students, from 2,303 people in 2021/22 to 4,876.

However, that was still just 65 percent of the prepandemic levels of over 7,500. Hok Yau Club consultant Ng Po-shing believes the declining number of dropouts shows that the emigration wave is easing.

He expects the number of students who quit would continue to drop, but slightly.

“Some students may decide to transfer schools as they feel the current program is not suitable for them,” he said.

“Factors other than immigration will continue to affect the dropout rate.”

As regards employee turnover, the number of departures from Education University in Tai Po doubled, while the University of Hong Kong in Pok Fu Lam saw a 60-percent increase last year.

But the number of departures from four universities has dropped, while the total number of staff joining the eight universities is 1.6 times the total number of departures, amounting to 615

Article source: The Standard


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