IBM and Top Universities to Advance Quantum Education for 40k Students in Japan, South Korea, and US

TOKYO,Dec. 14, 2023 — IBM has announced the company intends to engage with Keio University, The University of TokyoYonsei University, Seoul National University, and The University of Chicago to work together to support quantum education activities in Japan, Korea, and the United States. IBM intends to deliver educational offerings, in combination with contributions from each of the participating universities, to advance the training of up to 40,000 students over the next 10 years to prepare them for the quantum workforce and promote the growth of a global quantum ecosystem.

Quantum computing offers a different approach to computation which may solve problems that are intractable today. A skilled quantum workforce is critical to growing the quantum industry that will lead to economic development through leveraging quantum computing technology. Currently, people trained and skilled in quantum computing are needed as more higher-education and research institutions, national labs, and industries adopt quantum computing. To address the increasing demands of a growing quantum workforce, IBM and the five universities in Japan, Korea, and the U.S. intend to collaborate on the education of new and future generations of quantum computing users.

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