An Unmasked Story about the College of Kinesiology and Health from CCU

By Linus Lee, Office of R&D, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, R.O.C. (Taiwan) / September 5, 2022

The College of Kinesiology and Health from Chinese Culture University (CCU) consists of the Departments of Physical Education (baccalaureate degree program, master, and doctoral degree program in Sports Coaching Science), Combat Sport and Martial Arts (baccalaureate degree program) and Exercise and Health Promotion (baccalaureate degree program).

The college provides the necessarily innovative and integrated human resources training for the new generation of society to implement the responsibilities and functions of university education based on the scientific, organizational, technical, informational, and compensatory nature of the kinesiology and health field.

I. Department of Physical Education (bachelor degree) & Graduate Institute of Sport Coaching Science (master and doctoral degree)

The Department of Physical Education and Graduate Institute of Sport Coaching Science include bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral degree.

The seven student core competencies of the undergraduate class are:

1. Professional knowledge of sports;

2. Sports competitions;

3. Sports professional technical training;

4. Healthy exercise and physical fitness guidance;

5. Sports management and marketing operations;

6. Sports science research;

7. International integration.

The master-doctoral class aims to cultivate professional athletes, sports coaches, sports scientific research, physical education teachers, sports competition administration, and sports health instructors.

The educational objectives of the master and doctoral program with six core competencies are:

1. Sports science of practical training;

2. Ability to coach motor skills;

3. Leadership, communication, and coordination ability;

4. International views and experiences;

5. To integrate with sports scientific data;

6. Learn to research and solve sports training problems.

In order to construct an educational learning environment of high-quality sports teaching and professional training. Over the years, various resources have been actively invested to build the largest gymnasium in East Asia.

In addition, we encouraged all students improve their professional skills and obtain professional sports licenses. Counseling students to enter various sports-related fields, such as professional athletes, sports coaches, sports science researcher, physical education teachers, sports administrators, sports health instructors. Also, we provide broader employment opportunities, and cultivate professional talents for the purpose of education of the department.

II. Department of Combat Sport and Martial Arts

The curriculum of Department of Combat Sport and Martial Arts is based on the four major educational objectives, and cultivates students with the four core competencies to meet their future development and career planning. According to the characteristics of the course, professors adopt the appropriate for teaching design and methods to achieve educational objectives. Therefore, students enable to learn the needs of the future workplace.

The educational objectives of this department are:

1. Professional talents in martial arts sports;

2. Sports administrative and security talents;

3. Professional talents in Chinese martial arts;

4. Talents for sports protection and conditioning.

The core competencies of the students that the department intends to construct are:

1. Professional skills in martial arts;

2. Sports administration and security capabilities;

3. National martial arts;

4. Sports protection and conditioning capabilities.

After graduation, students can work in related fields such as teachers, coaches, sports administrators, personnel security, traditional rehabilitation, massage therapists, masseurs, athletic trainer, and so on.

III. Department of Exercise and Health Promotion

This department was in response to globalization trends and comply with the national policy development in health promotion, training for national senior exercise and health promotion professionals and supplying human resources for the purpose (vision) of exercise and health promoting industries at home and abroad.

The exercise and health promotion department strives to educate students who will render a service to global “Exercise and Health Promotion Industry”; to assist varied fields processing interdisciplinary on exercise-related creative industry and health education; to assist acquiring the perception on the importance of choosing healthy life style and implementing the practical techniques on health promotion.

The students in our degree programs are additionally prepared for entry-level, certified health promotion related specialist positions in schools and in a wide variety of private and public settings. In addition to a liberal arts core of courses, students must successfully complete health content courses and teaching methodology, including the use of technology, in order to achieve professional competence as identified by standards set by national credentialing organizations. The focus of studying exercise and health promotion is to educate students on physically active lifestyle, wellness, fitness, healthy leisure time activities, health promotion, health information cloud computing, chronic disease prevention and exercise aids invention and development. It is the goal of the exercise and health promotion department to be known as the undergraduate program of choice in the region to prepare for careers in community health promotion and health related physical activities.

The department also strives to be recognized for its scholarship and to provide programs which utilize a holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Our programs link the education of the mind with opportunities to apply newly learned skills in experiential, cooperative and internship experiences. The course categories of exercise and health promotion department include fundamentals of physical activity, exercise science, physical activity/exercise testing and measurement, exercise prescription and planning, physical activity and exercise prescription for specifics populations, physical activity and exercise prescription for clinical populations, physical activity and exercise promotion and physical activity/exercise technological invention and development.

This Department focuses on industry-university cooperation, provide internships of students services and substantive internships to enhance students’ learning. In order to create a diverse learning environment, inter alia, fully share this with outside the existing manpower and equipment resources, Department of Physical Education, also in conjunction with the relevant departments of the school both human resources advantages, provide students with diverse learning environment. Our future development direction, based on sports industrial products and consumer characteristics of leisure sports and health promotion as defined in core and the extensive positioning based on the two major industries by academic classified, have a brief description as follows:

1. Recreational sports and health promotion in the core class: participatory sports and health promotion industry, exercise and health promotion services, exercise and health promotion professional license services, etc.

2. Recreational sports and health promotion in the extensive class: exercise and health promotion management services industry, exercise and health promotion tourism, exercise and health promotion campaigns services, exercise and health promotion administrative organizations services, etc.

The educational objectives:

1. To prepare students, injecting into the global “exercise and health promotion industry” capabilities.

2. To prepare students, assisting areas of cross-cutting movement ability of the creative industries and health education.

3. To prepare students, helping the public awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and fulfill the ability to specific methods of health promotion.

Student core competence:

1. Learn the professional knowledge of sports and health promotion;

2. Learn the professional skills in sports and health promotion;

3. Learn the professional attitude towards sports and health promotion.

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