Indonesian Blockchain Association (A-B-I) presents the A-B-I Goes to Campus Program to improve literacy and education on blockchain technology

JAKARTA, IndonesiaJuly 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Indonesian Blockchain Association (Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia/”A-B-I”) has established strategic partnerships with several universities in Indonesia including the University of Indonesia (“UI”), Bandung Institute of Technology (“ITB”), Bina Nusantara University (“BINUS”), and Telkom University through a program called A-B-I Goes to Campus designed by A-B-I as an educational program with the aim of providing knowledge related to blockchain technology for students throughout universities. This program focuses on discussing blockchain technology and its implementation can also be accompanied by additional knowledge (both technical and non-technical) and updated information related to the current development of the blockchain industry. The expected output of this program is that it can provide insight into blockchain technology for students as an effort to increase students’ activeness, capability, and skills in the Blockchain field to the provision of work and work preparation process, especially in the blockchain industry which is currently in need for many talents with knowledge and abilities in this field.

Asih Karnengsih, MM, Chairwoman A-B-I said this program was initiated because “There is a huge need for talents in the blockchain industry, both at domestic and abroad, while a special curriculum has not been implemented in universities to introduce blockchain technology. From the latest data that we received from KOMINFO, since the issuance of the new KBLI in 2020 which is specifically used for blockchain developers, there have been more than 500 companies registered under this KBLI, even though widespread socialization has not been carried out, imagine if it has been done, how many will there be many companies are using the KBLI, which means that a large number of talents – both from an IT perspective and in general – will be needed.”

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