Chinese Culture University Promotes Sustainable Development of the National Park

Situated in the Gateway community of Yangmingshan National Park, Chinese Culture University enjoys the beauty of the mountain and is glad to promote the sustainable development of the national park. To integrate the university’s social responsibility into practical approaches, the Department of Tourism Management works closely with Yangmingshan National Park in a range of projects led by Professor Jane-Fuh Lu. These projects, which engage with tourism management and environment protection, involve calculating the number of tourists in the park, setting infrared sensors to monitor trial traffic, and evaluating the environmental impact of the restrooms on the habitat of the amphibians in the park. In addition, the university works in collaboration with Kinmen National Park to evaluate the land use of the Lake Cih area. The professors and students of the university visited the wildlife habitats and investigated the wildlife resources. The results will be adopted for land use planning. Moreover, the department has worked with Taroko National Park to resolve the conflicts between tourists and Taiwanese macaque with workable measures that can reconcile human activities and animal needs.

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