UCSI Launches Three New Programmes in Computer Science

As the field of computer science is projected to prosper by more than 20% through 2028, it is undeniable that it will become one of the fastest-growing professions across the world. UCSI University seized the opportunity to develop skills and talents in the industry by launching three new programmes specialising in computer science.

“The lack of talent and the challenges of training data scientists and competencies in computing require more than teaching and transmitting knowledge. It requires hands-on and creativity and I always tell my students, you need to have creativity, logic and most important of all, you must have the attitude to be successful,” emphasised Professor Dr Kurunathan Ratnavelu, Director of Institute of Computer Science and Digital Innovation (ICSDI) of UCSI University in his opening remarks.

The virtual event was officiated by the newly elected Vice-Chancellor, Professor Datuk Ir Ts Dr Siti Hamisah binti Tapsir, who is also the former Higher Education Ministry director-general. She said that big data is now the new petroleum and approximately 2 million high-skilled talents in this field are needed globally.

“We have seen technology development at exponential rate catering for every single need of the population. Despite the pandemic, some technologies continue to grow positively and one of them is computer science, and this includes areas such as AI, data analytics, blockchain and cyber security,”

She also added that Malaysia has more talents at the lower level of the computer science hierarchy compared to other countries, hence, UCSI University is determined to play a role in producing high-skilled talents to further accelerate the country’s vision in becoming a developed nation.

One of the distinguished speakers, Dr Kyaw Kyaw Htike, Head of Data at AirAsia, reminded the fellow students who were present that there are many possibilities after completing PhD and it is not just about the title, in fact, it’s all about the skills and experience they would gain during the PhD.

Also present was Dr Jan Johan Ipe, Managing Director of Acquesta Sdn Bhd. He intrigued the audience with his insights on medical informatics and said there will be a tremendous amount of convergence and cross-domain overlaps in the age of cybernetics.

“Rather than more specialists, I see there is a need for the rise of cross-domain generalists who literally invent new research domains and invent the future.”

“I do hope that some of you will study in research and disrupt the future in a good way in this field or similar fields. Carve a niche for yourselves, carve a niche for this university, and the country, also the eyes of the world,” said the informatician, who is also a licensed medical practitioner.

The three new programmes namely Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), Master of Science in Computer Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science are set to cater to the needs of the business world as they embrace science, technology, and innovation today.

To learn more, please visit https://www.ucsiuniversity.edu.my/

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