US Patent for Multi-layer geotextile-plastic particle water treatment system bagged by IAU Researchers

The researchers and inventors from Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU), Saudi Arabia has invented multi-layer geotextile-plastic particle water treatment system. The present disclosure relates to water purification systems, particularly those for the treatment of domestic wastewater, such as household and/or business sewer and wastewater, particularly. Millions of homes in the world and about 25% in the US are not connected to a local (centralized) sewer system. Homes without sewer connections have to either store their wastewater in septic tanks or treat their wastewater on-site, discharging either to groundwater or to a nearby surface water.


There are several known treatment systems available for on-site wastewater treatment. The oldest known treatment technique is a filter that contains a filter bed of layered sand and gravel. However, there are several limitations with sand filters, including inefficient treatment and clogging of the filter bed. To eliminate these limitations, synthetic filters have been developed in last decades. Synthetic filters are compact, lightweight, and effective.


Aspects of the invention provide water treatment structures, which may comprise: a first geotextile fabric layer; a second geotextile fabric layer; a third geotextile fabric layer; a first filler layer comprising plastic particles, arranged between the first and second geotextile fabric layers; and a second filler layer comprising plastic particles, arranged between the second and third geotextile fabric layers, wherein the geotextile fabric layers and the filler layers are contained within a housing, and wherein the structure is configured such that contaminated water proceeds sequentially through the first geotextile fabric layer, the first filler layer, the second geotextile fabric layer, the second filler layer, and the third geotextile fabric layer.


The researchers and inventors Prof. Omer Aga and Prof. Cevat Yaman, are full time professors of College of Engineering, IAU. Prof. Aga holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from Middle East Technical University with specialization in air pollution and waste treatment. While, Prof. Yaman, a PhD graduate in Environmental Engineering from Drexel University, USA with specialization in Wastewater Treatment.


The patent was filed on September the 11th, 2019 and awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the number US 10,961,139 B1, on March the 30th 2021 through Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.

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