Thammasat BBA Students becoming one of the top ten semi-finalists in the ASEAN Inter-Varsity Retail Challenge 2021

Congratulations to our “Teletubbies (Thailand)” team consisting of four BE#26 students – Athicha Korkiertsatean, Pitchaporn Inthisorn, Praewnapa Chaisaengjan, and Thanachote Phokakul in becoming one of the top ten semi-finalists representing Thailand in the global ASEAN IVRC 2021 competition held online hosted by the Singapore Management University (SMU)

Our BE Faculty and Alumni Coaches of B.E. Case Club are very proud of your great achievement as our first B.E. team competing in this round. Let’s hear what the team has to say about this competition. “Teletubbies (Thailand)” Representing B.E. Thammasat as Top Ten semi-finalist in the ASEAN Inter-Varsity Retail Challenge 2021

We saw a post on our faculty website and decided to participate in the competition of ASEAN IVRC 2021. Unlike other case competitions, this seemed to have an exceptional experience as the case is at the international level and it is more focused on in depth analyzing. From participating in the competition, we significantly improved our hard skills and soft skills: analytical thinking. data analysis, data structure, communication, and teamwork. We had the opportunity to utilize our learnt-in-class skills in real life situations.

In addition to data collection, we have realized that data structure has nonetheless crucial impact on our presentation decks. By going through information flows, it improved our storytelling skills so that we are better in organizing data across pages.

Lastly, this is the first case competition for four of us, we improved many skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills and made priceless memories together. When we made it to the semi-final round, we were ecstatic! Although it was a short period, this competition surely gave us a valuable memory and amiable friendship.”

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