CCU Dept. of Chemistry achieves researches on chemical gas sensor and humidity sensors

The research team of Department of Chemistry, Chinese Culture University, led by Prof. Pi Guey Su, works on chemical sensors, gas and humidity sensing materials, humidity standard technology, flexible chemical sensors and smart systems applications. Since joining Chinese Culture University, Prof Su has received grant of Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. The researchers have developed a series of nanocomposite materials such as Pd nanoparticles, TiO2 microrodes and reduced graphene oxide ternary composite, metal-organic framework (MOF) and its composite and WO3-based composites for using in NH3 gas sensor and humidity sensor, respectively. Their research findings have published in peer-reviewed top-tier journals, including Sensors and Actuators B, Analytica Chimica Acta and Talanta. He and his research team have published 75 peer-reviewed papers in SCI-indexed journals, with a total citation frequency of over 3,696 and an H-index of 36. As one of the key research institutions at Chinese Culture University, the lab has considerable academic influence in the chemical gas sensor and humidity sensors.

The full text of Prof. Su’s leading research is available at:;;

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