Microsoft Research Asia sets up OpenNetLab with Asian universities

Microsoft Research Asia announced the establishment of OpenNetLab, an open networking community and platform in collaboration with multiple universities in Asia, including academia from China, Korea and Singapore.

OpenNetLab is a network research community project. Its aims to promote the application and development of artificial intelligence (AI) in networking research by providing researchers with a universal distributed network testing platform and real network evaluation datasets. Ultimately, they hope to create a healthy and sustainable networking research ecosystem.

Dr. Lidong Zhou, Assistant Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia, said, “With the advent of the 5G era, various applications are becoming more diverse, and the network environment is becoming more complex. In addition, the demand for real-time communications has increased sharply this year, which has posed great challenges to the underlying network foundation. AI will help mitigate the unprecedented complexity of the network. However, the distributed architecture of the network itself determines that such research cannot be carried out from a single point. With a group of universities, we are jointly building a next generation open networking platform, OpenNetLab, to promote research of a new ‘data-centric’ network paradigm.”

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