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How the Covid-19 crisis is exacerbating inequalities between male and female researchers

Academic careers depend on the researcher’s capacity to publish scientific articles in the best journals in their field. Publication is the deciding factor for promotion and peer recognition. Women are less present in this race and their numbers decrease the further up the academic ladder we look.

A report by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) estimates that women make up 38.3% of assistant professors in US business schools, but only 22% of full professors. In the United Kingdom, women make up 45% of the faculty but represent only 25% of the full professor category. This phenomenon is not unique to English-speaking countries – in France, 44% of university lecturers are women, but only 24% are full professors. Inequalities are also reflected in leadership positions – according to the AACSB report, women make up 26% of Deans in US business schools. The only leadership roles in which women form the majority are in less prestigious assistant dean positions such as undergraduate programs.

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