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Japan Provides Financial Support to Top Foreign Students Affected by Coronavirus

A Japanese government plan to provide financial support to students affected by Coronavirus will only benefit the top-performing overseas pupils.

The government announced cash handouts for those in tertiary education, as a means of offsetting tuition and other costs.

Low-income students will be given ¥200,000 (£1,600), and other students will receive half that amount.

This includes foreign students at Japanese language schools.

Koichi Hagiuda, the Education Minister, said in May: “It’s most important for students not to abandon continuing and advancing their education. We’d like to quickly provide assistance to all.”

However, it has emerged that less than one-third of foreign students are eligible for this support.

Kazuki Kimura, a member of the student advocacy group FREE, said: “There are conditions in the aid package applied only to foreign students. We find that discriminatory and want the aid to apply equally to all students.”

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