How sustainability education impacts university students in Thailand

The Consultancy and Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation have collaborated on a national student sustainability survey to reveal the far-reaching benefits of sustainability education

A highlight of THE Consultancy’s ongoing partnership with Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation (MHESI) has been the conception of a national student sustainability survey.

Since 2021, MHESI has embarked on a nationwide transformation programme for its universities to integrate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its research and institutional priorities, which manifests through university curricula. Thai universities have demonstrated their readiness to transcend traditional institutional priorities by placing sustainability as a mainstay for university education. Apart from designating specific courses on sustainability, universities also engaged with innovative initiatives, such as community programmes, internships and work placements, to integrate sustainability into the university curriculum.

THE Consultancy’s survey measured the impact of a sustainability-focused curriculum on students from 94 Thai universities. It evaluated the success of sustainability education in terms of employability. Broadly, the survey serves as a stepping stone towards building a repository of resources relating to sustainability education curricula and its impact on students in Thailand. This will allow MHESI to document, evaluate and improve on institutional progress in its national sustainability education.

Nurturing personal growth and creating sustainable citizens

Findings from the survey suggest that university students become more environmentally conscious after going through university education in Thailand. For instance, 84 per cent of students agreed that their university education has equipped them with the necessary foundations to live their lives in a sustainable manner.

Article source : Times Higher Education

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