Taiwan universities listed as Nvidia’s collaborators see surge in interest from students

Some Taiwan universities are seeing a spike in enrolment enquiries from parents and students, after Nvidia’s chief executive Jensen Huang credited them as collaborators in a video following his June 2 speech at National Taiwan University.

The tech billionaire who co-founded the semiconductor giant sparked a mania which observers called “Jensanity” during his recent fortnight stay in Taiwan. Not only did the 61-year-old draw huge crowds to his appearances in the city, he also turned a humble night market stall into household name after recommending it briefly in his speech.

Now, eight private universities in Taiwan said they are also benefiting from the Jensen Huang effect, after they were mentioned alongside other public universities in a thank you video, which was played at the end of Mr Huang’s June 2 speech on artificial intelligence (AI), reported Taipei Times on June 10.

Article source : The Straits Times

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