More universities using artificial intelligence in class but some students have mixed feelings

SINGAPORE – When Singapore Management University (SMU) final-year student Shannon Wong, 24, and her team created a video for a communications project, they did not hire a single actor, but instead turned to artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI tool they used helped them create a video to promote a K-pop platform managed by a South Korean firm – the “client” for the project – featuring a lifelike representation of pop star Karina from popular Korean girl group Aespa.

Representatives from the firm, who were watching the group’s presentation online from South Korea, said they were impressed with how realistic the AI-generated Karina looked and sounded, when The Straits Times sat in during a classroom session in early April.

They added that the AI-generated character’s presentation skills and authentic demeanour in the video were plus points in the team’s work.

Said Ms Wong: “The AI tool allowed us to clone Karina’s voice, adding another layer of authenticity to our creation and allowing us to craft a compelling video that resonated with audiences on a deeper level.”

The project was part of a course requiring students to come up with a marketing video for clients drawn from the business world.

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