United States Collaborates with Indonesian Universities to Launch Groundbreaking Maker Innovation Spaces

JAKARTA – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), announces the establishment of Maker Innovation Spaces (MIS) at three prestigious Indonesian universities: Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and BINUS University.

With the goal of fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and providing students with the tools and resources to turn their ideas into reality, inaugurations of these MIS mark a significant milestone in the collaboration between Indonesian and U.S. higher education institutions, aligning with Indonesia’s ambition to improve the quality of teaching and programs to help students become job-ready before graduation.

“The Maker Innovation Spaces represent a significant investment in Indonesia’s future,” said Jeff Cohen, Mission Director of USAID Indonesia, at the April 24 Bandung launch of the ITB space.  “By providing students with the tools, resources, and mentorship throughout their academic experience, they will be able to turn their ideas into reality.  USAID is proud to be part of promoting innovation and creativity through a partnership between academia, businesses, and the government,” added Cohen.

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