More overseas universities, educational institutions seeking cooperation with China

More overseas universities and educational institutions are seeking cooperation with China. At the China Study Abroad Forum in Beijing on Friday, officials and scholars from China and overseas pointed out that global education is facing challenges amid the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), and more cultural and educational exchanges are needed.

With a theme of “embracing challenges, creating a shared future for a new landscape of studying abroad,” the forum is intended as a platform for discussion of the crucial role of cultural and educational exchanges.

Ren Youqun, a professor of Education at Shandong University, highlighted the widening gap in higher education due to the rapid proliferation of AI. He emphasized at the forum the imperative of redefining education through comprehensive digital transformation, as well as systemic reforms in teaching methodologies, institutional governance, and quality assurance mechanisms.

During the event, universities and educational institutions from Australia and Canada signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on further deepening education cooperation with Chinese educational institutions.

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