New Korean Language Test Center at Thammasat-Rangsit

Thammasat and the Korean Education Center in Thailand (KEC) have agreed to launch a new “Korean Language Test Center” at the Institute of East Asian Studies, Thammasat-Rangsit. The inauguration ceremony for the new center was co-hosted by Thammasat and KEC.

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a standardized examination evaluating Korean language skills. The TOPIK test can be an accurate and useful choice for a variety of foreigners who want to work or study in South Korea but do not speak Korean as their mother tongue. It is an international exam designed to help non-natives certify their talents.

The new center will offer test services for those who wish to have a comfortable stay in South Korea in jobs requiring the Korean language and to boost scholarship opportunities, visas, and permanent residency or study in South Korea. TOPIK is an excellent value-add to one’s profile since many companies expect documentary evidence before interviews and nearly all organizations, public and private universities, and government bodies accept and trust TOPIK certification. Thammasat will organize the test and KEC will monitor and assist Thammasat to manage implementation.

Additionally, Thammasat and KEC will co-host a symposium, an international conference and conduct workshops and meetings to promote comprehensive Korean studies in Thailand. More information is available at:

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