Universities to stop using high school transcripts as admission requirement

University admission based on high school transcripts is not expected to be used by top-tier universities in 2024 because experts say the method cannot ensure fairness and honesty

The National Economics University has announced that it will enroll students under three different methods. Under direct admission, students do not have to sit entrance exams; this will be used to enroll 2 percent of students. At least 18 percent of students will be admitted after considering the results of the high school final exam, and 80 percent of students will be selected via the school’s own admission method.

As such, the school will no longer choose students based on their high school transcripts. In previous years, 10 percent of students were enrolled under this method.

Hanoi Medical University has also said that it will not base admission on high school records this year.

Nguyen Dinh Duc from the University of Technology, a member school of the Hanoi National University, said that admitting students based on high school transcripts doesn’t allow schools to choose the best students.

Duc said it is difficult to ensure fairness if schools continue to apply this method, because teaching quality and student ability assessments vary at different schools and in localities.

Because of the differences in teaching staff quality, facilities, traditions, and prestige, it would be unfair to apply the same method to all students, he said.

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