Thammasat students won the IHL Moot Court Competition

The Thammasat team won the IHL Moot Court Competition Thailand National Round and represented Thailand in the 21st Red Cross International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot hosted by ICRC in Hong Kong. The team competed with teams from Peking University and Brickfields Asia College.

The team members are;

  1. Norravich Limpanukorn, Year 2 — Mooter
  2. Poom Wannakum, Year 2 — Mooter
  3. Bhandhiraporn Donsakul, Year 2 — Researcher
  4. Paponthad Sirachetgosol, Year 2 — Researcher

“The IHL Moot Court Competition is one of the greatest opportunities granted to me this year. It is an invaluable experience to meet new friends and interact with such a productive community.” — Norravich Limpanukorn

“While me and my team did find much success in the national rounds, the regional round poses a new academic challenge that I have never faced before. With the top 1% of each country coming together to present their legal arguments and express their impressive depth of understanding of international humanitarian law, it was an eye-opening experience for me to debate against a more fluent, equipped, and talented people. In terms of the friendships and the memories made, it is safe to say that those things will forever be entrenched into my heart.” — Poom Wannakum

“I learn many skills from this IHL Moot Court Competition, including public speaking, problem-solving, and time management. Apart from that, I also learn about many cultures from each of the representatives across the Asia-Pacific Region.” — Bhandhiraporn Donsakul

“This competition has allowed me to improve myself and connect with my fellow competitors, who all share the same values, passion, and commitment. The value of the experiences and friendships I have received is immeasurable. And for that, thank you, truly.” — Paponthad Sirachetgosol

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