Thammasat students won the International Investment Securities Researcher’s Championship

Fourth year students from the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, International Program (BBA International Program), Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University: Anol Tantayanon, Nattachayanon Wanpaisitkul, Nithit Pongcharoen, Raksiphon Rattanaphongsane and Thanaphong Limprasert received the first prize in the International Investment Securities Researcher Competition, Thailand Championship Round (2022 – 2023 CFA Institute Research Challenge in Thailand) organized by CFA Society Thailand, having with Professor Dr. Worapong Chanyungyuen, Project Director as an advisor.

The CFA Research Challenge is a competition that allows students to showcase their skills in business analysis and business valuation in order to find the best team in the country and to represent the country in the continental and global competitions. By which this year’s problem is the shares of PLANB MEDIA Public Company Limited.

When opportunity knocks, open the door

Nuttachayanon: I believe that this competition will bring out the best potential of myself and the team through mentoring from professors in the faculty and alumni who help in training our team to develop both fundamental and creativity.

Raksiphon: I haven’t been chosen to compete in that many competitions as I would have to admit that I don’t really have the skills. But when it comes to this competition, I know I love finance, banking, economics and capital markets, therefore I decided to apply and be part of the team which I am very proud of, and so I did everything to my best.

Key to success

Nithit: The key to this competition is to connect the knowledge learned in the classroom whether analyzing securities, accounting knowledge to understand the company, and or market knowledge to make an interesting stock presentation.

Nuttachayanon: Allowing everyone in the team to have a voice and share each person’s point of view as much as possible. I strongly believe that having a conversation and sharing information will make all the information settled for the best of the team.

Anol: Time distribution. As the competition is a long-term event that takes several months. I think the winning team is the team that can continuously develop their own work.

The Power of Teamwork

Anol: The team is really important. My team is the one that does everything at its best and when the team members are all willing to work, it keeps pushing me to have to work alongside them as well. But even so, we work together hilariously, probably because our team is  an all-male team.

Thanapong: The team is crucial in winning the competition because we are able to exchange knowledge or help each other when the judges ask questions that are challenging in the competition.

Raksiphon: If you want to accomplish something, you have to start with your heart. This race was a long race and took a lot of time. Our team didn’t give up and finally the work came out as best as we could. Teamwork makes life so easy.

Goals in the securities industry

Nattachayanon: I would like to be given the opportunity to become a good investment banker through complex deals. And in the future, I would like to use my knowledge and experience from work to do private equity.

Raksiphon: Nothing is clear in terms of work yet. I still want to try various things. Currently, I’m an investment banker at Maybank Securities, Thailand. I feel good about this line of work.

Anol: My main goal after the competition is to know how to invest. It seems like opening up the world to investing, but it also made me realize that there is so much I have to learn.

Thanapong: I want to do investment banking.

Nithit: This competition can enable me to further my career in investment banking or funds. And, I’m interested in this line of work.

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