UNHAS at the University of Rhode island (URI) Follow up the Signs an Extension of the Cooperation Agreement

On June 2 2023, after attending the 75 NAFSA event in Washington DC, USA, the Rector of UNHAS, Prof. JJ was accompanied by Vice Rector for Partnership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business, Prof. Adi Maulana and Director of Partnership, Ansariadi Ph.D visited the University of Rhode Island (URI) USA. Rhode Island is located on the east coast facing directly to the Atlantic Ocean. URI itself is the largest public university in Rhode Island and has a very well-known Faculty of Marine Science and Engineering. The group was invited to see the environment around the campus which was very beautiful with well organized buildings, a combination of traditional Gothic style buildings and modern buildings. After that, Prof JJ, and the team were welcomed directly by the president of URI, Prof. Marc Parlenge who visited UNHAS in early 2023. The visit ended with a lunch session at the URI library center followed by the implementation of cooperation between URI and UNHAS in the maritime and environmental fields. Some collaborative research was agreed upon at this meeting.

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Hasanuddin University

Hasanuddin University officially opened by Vice President of Indonesia Drs. Moh. Hatta, on September 10, 1956. Before the official establishment of Hasanuddin University, the Faculty of Economics as a branch of Faculty of Economics of Indonesian University established in Makassar in 1947. This establishment based on the Decree of Lieutenant General Governor of the Dutch-Hindian Government No. 127 on July 23, 1947. In the 25th Anniversary on September 17, 1981, the President of Indonesia, Soeharto, officiated Tamalanrea campus, which was initially designed by Paddock Inc. Massachusetts USA, and built by the OD 205, the Netherlands, in cooperation with PT. Sangkuriang Bandung in the area of 220 Ha. The development of Universitas Hasanuddin has undergone significant growth parallel to that of the national and global dynamic development. Ever since its establishment of September 10, 1956, Universitas Hasanuddin has consistently strived for academic achievements, research, and synergy aligned with the goal of an international standard learning institution. The university has been in operation for more than 60 years and one of the most renowned universities in Indonesia, as well as being the most advanced university in the Eastern part of Indonesia. As of today, 15 faculties have established with over 160 study programs offered, which comprise Undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs. Universitas Hasanuddin continually strives to improve itself according to educational trends of international standards in order to be part of the forerunner in producing globally abled graduates. Approximately 91 universities around Asia, Australia, Europe, and America have become partners of Universitas Hasanuddin in developing its capacity to be one of the universities of world-class recognition.

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