Why an alumni network is worth your time

In the interconnected world we live, learn, and work in today, who you know can be invaluable. Especially when you’re looking to start a career or wondering which academic program or major will be the most beneficial. This is when an alumni network can support students from all walks of life. Even high school graduates can benefit immensely from the encouragement, inspiration, and guidance their alumni network can provide them.

1. A large international network

Having an alumni network gives you a good chance to connect, not only with the peers from your time at the school but with a wider network. And given EF Academy’s international student body and different locations, you have the chance to work with students from everywhere. Your international alumni network will help you build yourself up academically and professionally by giving you a chance to stay close to others.

2. You can re-live your favorite memories

As graduation season comes around, it’s only natural to set your sights on what’s next after school. You’re ready to break out of your community, make new connections, and experience another phase of life.

But as time goes by, you might realize that you miss the community you came of age with and made memories with. Especially if you did that while doing something as unique as studying abroad at an international school. Parties and events with your alumni network help you connect and reminisce with people who were there. And that’s something truly special.

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