JC Thammasat Student won the Royal’s Plaque!

“Kor Tae Nhoi (May I touch you?) Team”, students from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University,  with Professor Panwadee Prayong as the consultant, was able to win the “first prize” from the 30th J-MAT Award Marketing Plan Contest, which is one of the largest student marketing plan contests in the country and also received the Creative Award and the Best Advisor Award from the contest.

The 30th J-MAT Award Marketing Plan Contest is a competition organized by the Young Members of the Marketing Association of Thailand (J-MAT) Club under the supervision of the Marketing Association of Thailand with the Big Star Company Limited, the producer and distributor of  GAMBOL brand shoes under the concept of Chic…Walk, Cool…Idea”  as a sponsor. This year, a total of 214 teams submitted their works to the project, of which, the champion went to the Thammasat student from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Advertising Major who could win a prize money of 130,000 baht and a royal plaque from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

“Kor Tae Nhoi Team” is a team of a total of 10 fourth-year students, namely Ms. Kannaphit Prasiratenang, Ms. Papvard Trakulkooboon, Mr. Peerapat Bunnikom, Mr. Puritat Konchanawan, Mr. Thanavich Yawanopas, Mr. Phoptawan Punprom, Ms. Nannaphat Chunhengpan, Ms. Methavadee Sripaoraya, Ms. Apisara Boonyu and Mr. Suparerk Adisaiyatham.

Ms. Kannaphit Prasiratenang, one of the team members said that even though she is not majoring in marketing, but by studying various modules in the Faculty of Journalism, she is able to adapt and apply that knowledge both in terms of marketing, advertising, modern technology media and the study of consumer behaviour in this era that is rapidly changing. The concept of the project is “Chic…Walk, Cool…Idea” which matches those in Gen-X and Gen-Y and matches the target group that the team has set. So, in order to gain insights from the customers, the team, therefore, proposed the concept “GAMBOLlisation”, that derived from the brand name Gambol, plus Globalization, making the brand communication more relatable to people and able to universally communicate to those around the world.

As for the marketing plan, “Kor Tae Nhoi Team” presented a plan that is not focusing purely on marketing but includes the aspects of technology, creativity, design, and investment as well. Their aim is to reach the attention of the new generation, according to the problems received.

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