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New strategies a must for country to tap into global education market

MALAYSIA’S aspirations of becoming a global education hub is spelt out in the Malaysia Education Blueprint for Higher Education 2015-2025, which sets an ambitious target of 250,000 international students by 2025.

Aside from the benefits that a more diverse student population would bring, the sector is expected to generate RM15.6bil on the back of 200,000 international students.

Even before the global Covid-19 pandemic, the challenge was a significant one that entailed a near doubling of international students from a base of around 133,000.

Malaysia, has however, made significant strides over the past decade in developing the higher education sector, as evidenced by institutional improvements in global university rankings, the extensive number of transnational education partnerships that now exist between local and foreign universities, and the establishment of 10 international branch campuses in the country.

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