UM joins China-US University Presidents’ Online Forum with 19 universities

The University of Macau (UM) recently participated in the China-US University Presidents’ Online Forum, whose theme was ‘Fostering More Open, Integrative, and Resilient Universities’. Co-organised by Tsinghua University and Yale University, the online forum attracted 20 university presidents from China and the United States. Participants discussed collaboration in higher education between the two countries under the new circumstances. During a sub-forum titled ‘Fostering More Open Universities’, UM Rector Yonghua Song shared three thoughts with the audience. He suggested that university presidents should work together to build more open and inclusive universities to tackle challenges, to lead the coming ‘education revolution’, and to explore how internationalisation can be implemented beyond the boundaries of campuses with the recent rise of de-globalisation movements across the world.

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Photo credit: University of Macau

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