Thammasat Professor initiated the ‘Low-cost Design Solution (LCDs)’ principle

Asst. Prof. Dr. Khiensak Seangklieng, a lecturer in the Department of Architecture, Thammasat Design School, Thammasat University initiated the Low-cost Design Solution (LCDs) principle to create spaces that are able to support communities and society to be sustainably self-reliant towards development in the context of the modern era and can be applied to a variety of sciences, not only limited to architecture. It may also refer to the integrated cross-disciplinary development.

The core of the Low-cost Design Solution (LCDs) theory is to provide ideas and opens the new dimension of seeing things in which others (usually) cannot see, and can further create value for maximum benefit using low startup cost as the principle that can be applied to all professions, suitable for dissemination and sharing, and beneficial to society. Initially, the theory of LCDs directly addressed architectural problems. It is an integrated development of innovative works which is currently needed in creating new knowledge across distinct sciences.

Example of pilot projects of Asst. Prof. Dr. Khiensak who applied the concept of LCDs and was able to win an award from international innovation competitions.

  1. Project Title: NORA PURA, A Sustainable Community with LCDs Design Approach

From the model of a self-reliant community that adopts the science of Nora to the development of a strong, sustainable and dynamic society. It is an innovative project that aims to foster contributions to society through applying the principles of LCDs to the design.

The science of ‘Nora’, a world cultural heritage that is deeply connected to the way of life of Thai people both in terms of art and culture, and Buddhist beliefs. This appears in the form of dancing, movement, songs, and the tightness of the social structure of the Nora community that is united, and relying on each other.

NORA PURA is the design and creation of architectural innovation and the built environment on an area of ​​4 rai at the Nora Pura Project, Tha Khae Subdistrict, Phatthalung Province, led by the Manohra Kriangdech Group into Manohra city and transform an unoccupied area into a place to make a living and a space to preserve and continue Nora’s cultural heritage through being a learning center and living environment.

The architecture designed in the NORA PURA area is then considered a modern innovation. It is divided into usable areas, one for occupations and another for direct study and learning about the science of Manohra. For example, the Living NORA Gallery, a space for learning about the Nora way of life where innovations are used to enhance visitor participation and engagement. The design of the Nora outdoor theater incorporates new innovations to make performances at Nora Pura similar to watching at the opera theatre, etc.

  1. Project Title: LCDsongkhla, An Innovative PARK with Dynamic Sustainability

This design derived from the question of ‘What can we do to make the General Prem Tinsulanonda Historical Park an area that can create maximum benefit for the people of Songkhla and be self-reliant?’ Asst. Prof. Dr. Khiensak therefore adopts past innovative designs and adjusts the application in the area. It is presented through the social and cultural dimensions of the Songkhla people, such as the creation of ‘Luang Pu Thuat’, which has a legend about stepping on fresh sea water (Footsteps of Luang Pu Thuat the Holy Trail) and bounding to the beliefs of the Songkhla people. With innovations related to the sense of lightness, dimensions from the abstract to the concrete help enhance the sacredness of the statue of Luang Pu Thuat. It is as if the statue is floating above the water. As a result of the use of advanced innovations in design and lightweight materials that have been sprayed with polyurea which is lightweight yet strong and durable.

There is also a viewpoint zone where you can go bird watching. There are mangrove forest viewpoints with various designs using some recycled, low-carbon materials. For example, using recycled materials to create a SPIDER+CraB landmark sculpture for people to take pictures with. There is also a public space which is a theater, exhibition area, and outdoor concert stage designed and based on the idea of implementing innovation that does not affect the environment.

The design works were able to win awards from the International Innovation and Invention Competition in Canada, iCan 2023 (The 8th Annual Edition of the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada), which has participants from over 95 countries across the world.

In which NORA PURA, A Sustainable Community with LCDs Design Approach received awards as follows:

  1. Gold Medal Award
  2. Top 10 Best Invention Award

 LCDsongkhla, An Innovative PARK with Dynamic Sustainability received awards as follows:

  1. Gold Medal Award
  2. Leading Innovation Award
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