Natural Insecticide Made of Mangrove Leaves

Flies that often land on processed salted fish products during drying process cause fish to become contaminated with eggs. These flies are usually repelled using synthetic insecticides. However, the chemical content in it can harm fish consumers. A natural insecticide that does not cause residue, which is also cheap and abundant is needed.

To address this issue, a group of Community Service Student Creativity Program (PKM-M) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) designed an innovative natural insecticide made of mangrove tree leaves’ extract. The group consisting of six students from three faculties, presented their innovations into a guidebook. From Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPK), there are Ula Zidni Alfian Ikromah, Mei Rifqi Mursyidah and Sumber Nurhadi. From Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) there is Muhammad Mu’amar Fathoni and from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH), there is Ayu Andira Faulina Wardianingsih.

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Image by Joseph Samson from Pixabay

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