Thammasat student created a ‘TikTok’ video clip on ‘The Risks of E-cigarettes’, winning the video championship from PHSA Thailand.

Anchittha Soonthornpiyapan, fourth year student from the Science Program in Health Promotion to Innovation, Faculty of Public Health, Thammasat University won the first prize and popular vote award in the health-related TikTok video creation competition from the academic competition of the Student Union of Public Health and Health Sciences of Thailand for the year 2023 organized by the Public Health Student Association of Thailand (PHSA Thailand) with more than 13 universities in Thailand participating in the competition. It is an annual academic event to exchange knowledge, academic projects and to build up relationships among the universities.

Q: How did you hear about the competition?
Anchittha: I have been following the association and that there are academic events organized yearly. Since becoming a first year student, I have known and been interested in the competition of the association and once the opportunity knocked, I then joined the competition. The competitors of this TikTok video creation competition are teams from different universities, totaling over 20 works.

Q: What inspired you to create the video?
Anchittha: I have been interested in e-cigarettes because I see it as an interesting hot issue and is currently a crucial social issue. Let’s start by looking at who the target audience is and curate a video clip to meet the target according to what our target audience prefers seeing. After that, I drafted a story on where to set an interesting point along with drawing a storyboard (I have studied some in media classes). When the drawing is complete, I then plan the scene, do filming, and find input in the scene before shooting and finally cut it according to the steps.

Q: The storyline of the TikTok video
Anchittha: I connected the story with the dangers of e-cigarettes, telling the story of the present and the future with arousal effects and turning points. In the story, there will be a boy as the main author who found glasses that allow him to see the truth. The fact of putting them on is like seeing the truth of electronic cigarettes. Then his son from the future came to warn him not to smoke and that his father (him) had just passed away. It’s like a reminder to choose another way for yourself, for your loved ones, and for your own future. You should not smoke e-cigarettes as it has long-term effects.

Q: How do you feel about receiving the awards?
Anchittha: I’m happy and proud that what I have been intending to do has disseminated to others. As a public health worker, I hope that this work will be a mechanism that can help create small changes in the health-conscious society.

You can view the work at : https://www.tiktok.com/@talesofmentalhealth/video/7235629924239822085?_r=1&_t=8d0lqAkHPKj

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