Fudan University announces four new innovation colleges

Fudan University establishes four innovation colleges connecting the city's three leading industries on Wednesday

Shanghai-based Fudan University announced the establishment of four new innovation colleges connecting the three leading industries of the city — integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence — on Wednesday.

They are the schools for integrated circuits and micro-nano electronics, computing and intelligence, biomedical engineering and technology, and intelligent robotics and advanced technology. Undergraduate enrollment will begin with the candidates chosen after this year’s college entrance examination in the summer.

Aiming to cultivate world-leading high-end talent in the field of artificial intelligence, Fudan will continue to provide high-quality resources to the students and implement a one-person-one-policy training program. Top teachers will be selected for the schools, international core courses will be integrated, and opportunities of innovation and entrepreneurship training will be provided.

In order to cultivate top-notch innovative talents, tutors will be designated for the undergraduates at the four new schools throughout their studies to improve their core competencies, such as scientific and technological writing, and deepen cooperation with top international universities and research institutions.

More than 250 students from elite senior middle schools in Shanghai participated in the launch ceremony of the schools. Jiang Yichen, a student from Qibao High School, said he felt very encouraged to learn that there were many high-level resources at the new schools and students had access to tailor-made cultivation.

Article source : China Daily


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